Be Healthy

A healthy life

It is a natural human desire for longevity. But how to live longer and do not start the day with a handful of pills to be lively and energetic to old age? For that we need to care for yourself and help the environment and our genetic traits to be implemented. Never too late to do something for yourself. We can start with small steps, but made regularly and persistently they can take us far. Because we never get somewhere if you do not go on there.

According to the World Health Organization health is not only the absence of manifest disease, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Achieving a balance between them requires some effort and persistence, but the reward for them is fully longevity without constant complaints and numerous medications.
Small steps to longevity:

1. Maintain a healthy body weight without large fluctuations in weight;
2. Eat rational and balansirano- eat more fruits and vegetables;
3. Reduce salt consumption;
4. If you drink alcohol, reduce it to a minimum or reduce it to a glass of red wine in the evening;
healthy-lifstyle-hedgehog5. Build your daily routine that includes time and provide- enough rest time for hobbies, care for your loved ones and time for social contacts and communication;
6. Do not overdo it by sitting in front of TV and computer;
7. Find time for enough sleep;
8. Stay away from various addictions and mental navitsi- harmful to alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, food, shopping and more. If you are already caught up in any of them will help you get rid of it;
9. Move enough. Even if you do not have time / do you / active sports activities seek with us other ways to activate your muscles;
10. Do not miss prophylactic examinations and actively interested in your health;
11. Avoid taking many unnecessary medications and supplements;
12. Drink plenty of water;
13. Avoid stressful situations whenever possible and seek ways to overcome them mentally. Some of the previous steps can help reduce the damage;

Someone these steps may seem banal truths that everyone knows. The truth is that their practical application proved unbearable for many people. Others would say that it’s very complicated. It is not complicated to do something for their health. Zraveto is in your hands. With desire and a little help we can achieve amazing results.

We will help you to efficiently take care of your health.

To achieve a sufficient level of personal motivation for storing health and to fight negative trends.