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How to reduce perspiration

perspirationPerspiration is a problem on the agenda throughout the year, but in summer it weights in little more. Besides that may cause discomfort due to moisture, perspiration and odor there. How we can neutralize, we advise experts.

Unpleasant odor when sweating is usually due to bacterial growth. In this case, the benefit can be the use of antibacterial cosmetic product. Applying his armpits while bathing can do wonders.

Another way to reduce the unpleasant smell of sweat is the application of extra virgin coconut oil on the skin. Lauric acid contained therein destroys the bacteria and thereby affected the scent.

If it comes from the feet, it is advisable to wear socks when shoes are closed. Preferably cotton fabrics that absorb moisture and dry quickly. Socks should be changed at least once a day to the feet dry.

Odors from skin can be due to diet. It is necessary to avoid consumption of processed foods or as far as possible, but not only these foods lead to this unpleasant effect. Consumption of those having a high sulfur content, such as garlic and eggs can also be a cause of unpleasant odor.

It is true that sweating is a natural mechanism to regulate the temperature of the body, but there are times that may indicate a medical problem – hyperhidrosis. Typical symptoms of the condition is sweating for no apparent reason or when the amount of sweat more than usual – to the extent that the clothes are completely wet.